Personal Care and Assistance

This service includes supporting the service user to gain independence in their Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, skincare, dressing and undressing, toileting and continence management (toilet assistance, incontinence, monitoring their bowel movement, safety and fall prevention including but not limited to their mobility – transfers, walking, the comprehensive range of motion and light exercises.

Our support workers are trained, experiences and enhanced DBS checked and will be selected to suit the needs, wishes and preferences of the service users. These services are often provided in the homes of the service users or at a place of their choice e.g. while they are on holidays within or outside the UK.


Meal Preparation and Diet Planning

Support workers at Torkan Care will support the service users to plan, create appropriate shopping lists, shop, and prepare meals based on the service users’ dietary requirements. Meal plans will also consider cultural and religious requirements of the service users.


Chaperone and Concierge Services

Our qualified and experienced support workers at Torkan Care will support the service users to make and attend health and medical appointments, order and collect prescriptions from prescribing professionals and pharmacies respectively. Our staff will where required support the service users to access the community safely, protected from harm and risk of harm and abuse. Service users will also be protected from exploitation and risks of exploitation and abuse.

Medication Administration and Recording

This includes support such as prompting the service user to take their medication at the stipulated times, administering the medication for those that are not able to self-medicate and record on the Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts. We will always encourage the dispensing pharmacies to prepare the accompanying MAR charts to reduce and prevent medication administration errors. In addition, our service will implement electronic medication administration records. The advantage of this is that if and when a medication is missed or late, their support workers’ supervisors will be alerted to this omission – a sure way to reduce the most frequent of medication administration errors.

Housekeeping and Domestic Services

At Torkan Care, we pride ourselves on supporting service users as part of their Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to keep themselves and their environment tidy, clean and free of clutter. Our support workers will support the service users with such tasks as light housekeeping, laundry, and linen change. This range of services can also include making errands and grocery shopping.

Live-in Care Services

Torkan Care offers a comprehensive Live-in Care service that gives the service users the care and support that they need round the clock in their own homes. Some service users especially the elderly will prefer the comfort of their homes, where they are surrounded by loved and familiar objects that they have collected over the years. They could also be living with loved ones that they would want to continue living with but who having lives of their own cannot provide that much needed care and support that they require at that time of their lives. With this provision, other services and support will be included such as housekeeping and domestic support, meal preparation, medication administration and chaperone services. Service users will also be encouraged to remain independent as they live in the comfort of their own homes.

Respite Care Services

This service can be tied in to Live-in Care Services where Torkan Care provides support workers to provide care and support services when the regular carers are away on holiday or indisposed. Respite Care can also be used when the service user comes out of hospital and requires short term care.